Laugh Track, August 2010

Sketch: Mark Little + Picnicface
At the 2010 Just For Laughs festival in Montreal, Mark Little took the stage and delivered only a few minutes of jokes before telling the audience he was going to rap his “hit song” and wanted everyone to rap along. Of course, no one had ever heard the song, so every time Little turned the mic to the audience, he was met with silence.No matter. Even when dropping full sentences, Little bobbed his head along, content to make himself the butt of the joke.

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Quest for laughter ends at Improvaganza

Edmonton Journal – June 24, 2010

EDMONTON – In Penn and Teller’s Vegas show, at the Rio Hotel, the stars do the unthinkable: they actually show the audience how they create their illusions. And the audience eats it up.

I thought of Penn and Teller’s grandly perverse flourish Wednesday night as Canadian sketch comedy stars Picnicface–or “two-eighths of them,” as modestly disclaimed by Mark Little and Scott Vrooman — undertook to “create the perfect sketch onstage tonight.”

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Mark Little Thinks You Should Upload Yours

Dose.ca – June 7, 2010

“The worst hosting job I’ve had was hosting a Spelling Bee in Wolfville, Nova Scotia,” comedian Mark Little tells the crowd at the Rivoli in Toronto. “I got fired. A mother from the Yukon didn’t like my Nietzsche joke.”

So far, though, Little is doing a better job entertaining the audience than his did in Wolfville. The 27-year-old is hosting the launch party for Upload Yours, the new Comedy Network series where viewers can submit their funny videos online for the chance to have them aired on TV. It’s Canada’s answer to Funny or Die. Little is the ideal host; his Halifax-based sketch group, Picnicface, found Internet fame (if not fortune) after Will Ferrell featured their videos on the Funny or Die website.

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Manly ad secrets: Lions and jet planes, oh my!

Salon.com – June 2, 2010

Funny or Die takes on the ridiculous business of selling razors and deodorant to men
I’ve often amused myself by trying to imagine the brainstorming sessions behind ads for Axe, Gillette and other testosterone-infused brands meant to put hair on your chest (or make you feel like a man while you shave it off).
Manly Men Pitch Manly Ads In Funny Or Die Video

Jezebel.com – June 2, 2010

Jet planes! Pizza karate-kicking the Statue of Liberty in the tits! All in a day’s work for the latter-day Mad Men crafting TV’s dick-swinging ads, per Funny or Die.

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D Films acquires ‘Roller Town’
Upcoming camp comedy stars comedy troupe Picnicface.
TORONTO — The latest trend in Canadian film: Internet sensations that land on the big screen. Indie distributor D Films has picked up the Canadian rights to Andrew Bush’s upcoming camp comedy “Roller Town” from Halifax producer Bad Astronaut.
Why Do Movies Make Everything So Complicated?
In the upcoming Cameron Diaz flick “The Box,” a suburban couple with a young child receives a simple box as a gift.
Locals step up in Just for Laughs…with mixed results
Back in 2007, behind all the hoopla and excited talk at City Hall of tourist dollars, the arrival of Just for Laughs in Toronto seemed less like a cause for celebration and more like a cruel joke.
Little scores big and wins laugh off
The newest Great Canadian Laugh Off champion may need to share some prize money with an unsuspecting audience member.
Halifax comic Mark Little had managed to edge his way into the final eight at the 64-comic standoff, and the audience was loving his story about running into an old racist lady.
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Big win for Little

Eye Weekly  - May 06, 2009

By about the halfway point it was clear that the winner was going to be a Mark. I say “about” because Mark Little didn’t take the stage May 3 at the Great Canadian Laugh-Off until shortly after what will be — when the final night of the Yuk Yuks joke-off eventually makes it to TV — the second or third commercial break.

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